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Hi! I’m Tessie! I am a Middle Georgia based Photographer, but I am willing to go wherever the wind takes me! I have a heart for traveling and seeing God’s handiwork in all of His creation around the world.

I have been a photographer for almost 8 years now! (Wow, that felt weird and surreal to type!) Becoming a photographer was a COMPLETE accident for me. My grandmother always had a camera in her hand when I was growing up, and one day I picked up that camera to take photos of my niece for her birthday. Next thing I knew, I was getting inquiries for sessions. BEST. ACCIDENT. EVER!

I have found that I am most inspired by love, and my creativity flows from being inspired by the love that is in each moment I get to capture— whether thats a first kiss on a wedding day, or a mom feeling her baby kick during a maternity session, or watching a nervous guy get down on one knee to ask the love of his life to marry him. These moments, filled with raw, real, and undeniable love is what inspires me in my own marriage, and in my work. I count it a blessing to be able to love and serve others through the gift of photography.


Photo by: Megan Hobbs Photography

Photo by: Megan Hobbs Photography

I am the wife to the most wonderful husband a woman could ask for. He is everything that I am not… Seriously, we are complete and total opposites, and every personality test we have taken has proven it. And although its difficult at times, I also think it’s really beautiful… because where I am weak, he is strong— and vice versa. We balance one another out, we strengthen one another where we need strengthening. I feel blessed to be sharing my forever with him, and I am grateful that my job is to continually be inspired by love that overflows into my marriage.

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“a few” of my favorite things….

My fur baby, all fur babies, coffee dates, traveling, exploring new places, working out, a good book by a fire, rain showers while its sunny, sunrises, sunsets, the beach, mountain, long walks, deep conversation, cooking, closing my eyes and feeling the sunlight on my face and the wind in my hair, Netflix, candles, love, laughter, little moments.